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Office Hours:


7:30 am – 12:30pm


Lot holders meeting will be held

March 20th, 2024 @ 6:00 pm

in the Main Office.

We provide many services to serve you and your family…

  • Deeded Lot Sales (Our price includes maintenance on the lot, year round and forever)

  • Traditional Burials

  • Cremation Burials

  • Pet Burials (Caskets and Urns for purchase

  • Foundations (for tombstones)

  • Special Care lots available

  • Respectful treatment of all people and pets

  • Peaceful and bucolic setting of rest

  • Advanced planning available



The cemetery has a Perpetual Care Fund that is officially designated as a Trust. This trust fund is designed to provide future monies for maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery properties, even when all of the grave sites are filled. The principle of the trust fund is to be never used but only the dividends and interest resulting from the investment activities thereof.

We rely on charitable gifts and bequests to build the trust so that all may enjoy a scenic and well-kept final resting place for future generations.


Please call or write to our office to learn more about making a donation or bequest to our Perpetual Care Fund.

The annual lot holders meeting is always scheduled for the third Wednesday of January of each year. Please plan to attend to hear the

annual report!

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